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As promised, more info on Dysport. Basically, this new product is the identical substance as that found in Botox - Botulinum Toxin type A. It carries pretty much the same indications as Botox does according to the FDA. It is formulated slightly differently which basically accounts for the minimal differences in results with Dysport. So far, much of the published clinical cosmetic experience with Dysport is in the form of a few initial studies. The bottom line from these studies is that results with Dysport are very similar to those with Botox. Dysport has a slightly quicker onset of action, but not significantly so. In equivalent doses, the effects of Dysport lasted a bit longer than those with Botox, but again the results were not significantly different. Finally, there were no significant differences in side effects between the two products. The upside of Dysport is that it is a bit less expensive than Botox at present and with the initial promotion from Ipsen BioPharm (the company that makes Dysport), the prices are even sweeter. The only real downside at present is that there is relatively little experience with Dysport as compared with Botox, so theoretically you are taking a small chance with a newer product, although the risks are minor.

Excessive sweating can be treateted effectively


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Tuesday, 26 May 2020